Macro Recorder and Scheduler

PTFB Pro is a software tool to record commands and automatically perform certain tasks with just the push of a button. It is a macro recorder and a task scheduler at the same time.

PTFB Pro takes care of all the tasks you need to do repetitively. You can create a command for a certain task, push the button and this program will take care of all the tasks you need done.

This tool saves time and effort doing certain things so you can do other work instead. This program is also capable of eliminating certain repetitive work flow procedures with the right macro command.

This program works silently in the background without using a large amount of your computer's resources. It is easily accessible from your system tray.

PTFB Pro is capable of logging all activities into a text file with screen shot options. It will dismiss the screen saver if needed, lock and unlock your desktop when you need to run macros and auto-clicks and work in sync with remote desktops even if a work session is minimized or closed.



PTFB Pro 3.4.1